To The New Mom

Dear New Mom,


As each day goes by you may feel discouraged and maybe even like you aren’t cut out to be a mom but let me tell you one thing. God chose you to be your Baby’s Mom. He could’ve picked anyone else but knew your baby needed you. He gave you the gift of your child and chose you to be the one to experience the ups and downs of motherhood with it.

It’s through motherhood God will show you just how much He loves you by knowing how much love you feel for your baby now. He will teach your about His grace and forgiveness as you learn to show your child grace and forgiveness overtime. When you are tired and overwhelmed He will be there to comfort you. When you are joyful and embracing every bit of motherhood He will be with you cheering you on. You will start to understand how selfless God is with His love for you when you are up through the night choosing to care for your baby through the tears and cries instead of getting a good nights rest. Just as He gave up His life for you, you will understand how much love He feels for you when you would also give up your life to protect your baby.

He did not create Motherhood to be an easy job. There will be trials and hardships you will go through as you learn to parent your child every day. Breastfeeding will be hard, formula will be hard too. When your up in the middle of the night with the baby that just won’t quit crying and you start to wish away these days hoping to fast forward to the day when they will sleep through the night. Don’t, you will miss this. Even in the moments where you cry for reasons you don’t even know why. And the moments when you are trying to figure out why the baby keeps crying after being fed, diaper changes and gas drops. It will get better but those babies will be grown before you even realize. Even though you are struggling now those little moments of baby snuggles and coos and first words will soon turn into first steps, first time losing a tooth,first home run, and their first time driving away on their own.

You will feel overwhelmed by all the choices you have to make for your baby from the very beginning. You will have opinions from every person you run into but the only real opinions you need to listen to is God’s and your gut,that thing doesn’t lie either. You can try to read books and look up all your questions on the internet but the only way to get peace and lessen your fears for your baby is to turn to God. Turn to His word and you will find comfort to help you make every decision that comes your way.

You will not be happy all the time. And it may seem like when you are comparing your motherhood journey to others on social media that you must not be doing something right. You will be sad, you will be tired and you will be overwhelmed. Jesus experienced all of these emotions too and it’s completely normal. While you will face difficult days you will also experience joyful moments. Be sure to capture all these moments in your brain so you can remember on those hard days that joy comes in the morning.

While it’s easy to lose yourself in motherhood, remember that is not your only identity. You have been created for so many things and motherhood is just one of them.

Be nice to your husband on those baby blues days when you are just sitting on the couch crying for no reason. He doesn’t understand why you feel the way you feel and is trying to figure out his place in fatherhood just as you are in your motherhood journey.

You were made by God and created to be a mom in this moment for a reason. Soak it all in. When you are feeling blessed by your blessings, praise God. When you are experiencing trial, run to God for His comfort and strength to get you through. In all seasons, remember you are a child of God and He will always be with you.


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Christian. Wife. Mama.

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